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Plant Energetics (Flower Essences) and Chakra Healing Certification Program   

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   About The Program

 This comprehensive 200 hour Plant Energetics certification program is uniquely designed to offer the student an integration of Home Study Correspondence and an Experiential Program, (200 CEU’s for massage therapists licensed through Sedona Wellness, Sedona, AZ.)

Learn how plant and flower medicine can help heal the energy centers of the body, bringing your awareness to a deeper sense of self and stepping into a higher consciousness in the ways you Choose to Actualize your Authentic Self and your Life as a Whole Person! For massage therapists wanting CEU’s go to Sedona For non-massage therapists,  PURCHASE NOW


75 CEU’s, Board Certified, available for Massage Therapists


For massage therapists wanting CEU’s go to Sedona For non-massage therapists,  PURCHASE NOW

We invite you to experience the beautiful Verde Valley of Arizona! Cottonwood is located 1 ½-2 hours north of the Phoenix Airport, and 20 minutes south of Sedona.
Our classes take place in Nature as much as possible, (with weather permitting), providing the opportunity to experience your personal transformation guided by plant energetics in areas of nature that will leave you awe struck!!!
Experience hands on integration of whole plant medicine bridged with herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and the human energy system or chakras.

 Learn step by step how to make a flower essence, how to gather and collect plant data, identification of the plant’s Doctrine of Signatures, how to journey with a plant, and how to prepare and use flower essences, in a variety of natural settings (desert, mountain, water).

 Integrate both practical and intuitive approaches in how to use flower essences and give consultations. Receive personal and group energetic exchanges.

 This program is presented through written lessons, test papers, a mid-term and a final examination, and a hands on evaluation.

 And we offer so much more!  We integrate activities with the plants that may include flower card readings, art, movement, drumming, sound therapy, visualization, dance, journaling, and heart council.

 PROGRAM MATERIALS:  Included in your tuition you will receive Rhonda’s book “The Healing Power of Flowers” along with “Botany in a Day”, “Plants of Arizona”, a program manual, and a Living Flower Essences Chakra kit.


 Two 4-day sessions take place in the Spring (generally last weekend of April, and the 2nd weekend November) for the Experiential portion of the program offered in the Verde Valley of Arizona.


 You will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the Experiential Program. You are required to attend both Part One and Part Two and complete all assignments given in the Experiential portion of the program to receive a certificate of completion (75 hours or 75 CEU’s for massage therapists).For massage therapists wanting CEU’s go to Sedona For non-massage therapists, PURCHASE NOW


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                                                    CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAM

                           125 hours or CEU’s, Board Certified for Massage Therapists

For massage therapists wanting CEU’s go to Sedona For non-massage therapists,


The home study course is a 125 hour correspondence program offering the history, integration, and basic therapeutic practices of herbs, homeopathy, and flower essences. Forty eight featured plants/flowers are studied and the practical use of each plant as an herb, homeopathic remedy, and as a flower essence is taught along with case taking guidelines, giving emphasis to “whole plant” medicine and the whole person.

 Featuring an in depth historical perspective of the chakras, learn about the relationship between the chakras and color in healing with plants and flower essences. Enhance your perspective of the human energy system, and learn how to work with the chakras in various healing modalities.

 The Correspondence Program is presented through 15 written lessons, one mid-term and a final examination.


 PROGRAM MATERIALS:  Included in your tuition, you will receive Rhonda’s book “The Healing Power of Flowers” (or “Voices of Flowers” if you already have HPF), a Correspondence Program Manual, and a Practitioner Kit of 48 1/2 oz. featured Flower Essences which are studied throughout the program.


 Upon completion of all assignments, mid-term and final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion of the Correspondence Program (125 hours or 125 CEU’s for massage therapists)


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“It has been a pleasure to take this course.  It offers an incredible opportunity for people to open up to their own personal journeys, and it provides a profound experience to connect with the plant kingdom and the chakras in this way.  Rhonda and this course are such a gift!”  – Julie Smelser, Massage Therapist Northern California

 “Rhonda, you are a great teacher.  I loved how you entwined your personal stories with the lessons.  This is so much more than a flower essence class.  It’s been an incredible experience” – Sandra, Mental Health Practitioner AZ

 “The flower essence course was great!  It is a wonderful class to learn about many secrets that the power of plants has to offer.  You learn how to do a flower essence consultation, what color the chakras are and how certain colors/energy centers affect the body/mind…I feel honored to have been able to take this class.

-Mark Van Horn, Massage Therapist / Colorado

 “Incredible healing opportunity on all levels” DD, Practitioner AZ

 “Rhonda, you exude a passion for plants, flowers, and flower essences that can be experienced through reading your books and even better by getting to  know you on  a deeper level.  Keep sharing your work with the world. Earth mother knows we all need it!” – Becca, Physical Therpist, INTEGRA Facilitator, Sedona AZ

 “It is a transformative experience.  I am so grateful to deepen my connection with the plant world.  Thank you! -Lisa, RN Ohio

 “I find the process works! I enjoy the intimacy of small groups and am always awed at the wonderful gifts I receive.” Judy, Sound Therapist Flagstaff AZ


“For one who wishes to have direct hands on experience with a master in the field of flower essences, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the invaluable Flower Essence Program with Rhonda Pallas Downey.This is a wealth of experience beyond measure! Rhonda is a true medicine woman of knowledge, wisdom and compassion. This is a course taught with a multidimensional approach of the practical and spiritual.I highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to have direct access to the wisdom of nature and their own healing.”

– Mariko Yamamoto Digestive Wellness Center, Sedona AZ


Contact Us 

 The Center for Plant Studies & Healing Arts  PO Box 4432  Cottonwood AZ  86326    928-639-3614


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