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       Rhonda Pallas Downey Founder and Facilitator





Rhonda is the founder and formulator of Living Flower Essences and the founder of the Center for Plant Studies & Healing Arts.  She is also a graduate and tutor of the British Institute of Homeopathy in the USA.  Rhonda is a flower essence practitioner and teaches herbal studies (500 hour certification with Matthew Wood), plant life, healing journeys in nature and is the facilitator of the Flower Essence Program.  Rhonda is a photographer of flowers, specializing in indigenous flora and she also teaches and speaks at various herb and healing conferences throughout the USA.

 Rhonda co-facilitates the SPIRIT OF THE HORSE AND WISDOM OF THE FLOWERS: Sourcing our Intuitive Power in this Time of Change in Dove Creek Colorado with Robbie Nelson and Cody Lyon at the Buffalo Woman Ranch.

 She lives with her husband, Curt, in Cottonwood AZ. Together and individually they offer nature experiences and personal work for people of all ages and all walks of life. They have a daughter Sarah, and Rhonda has five step (rainbow) children, and six grandchildren.

Rhonda is deeply inspired by the powerful healing qualities of flower essences, whole plant medicine, and the Human Energy System.  She considers plants her friends, teachers, and guides who help her grow and evolve in her life’s story.  Rhonda hopes that through your awareness of whole plant medicine you will experience their healing qualities and awaken your appreciation for plants, flowers, yourself, and the universe.

Rhonda is the author of Voices of Flowers and The Healing Power of Flowers: Bridging Herbalism, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, and the Human Energy System, and she has produced a video called “A Journey Into Plants and Flowers”.

Her qualifications include: DiHom, Herbalist, Flower Essence Practitioner, M.A. Special Education, NLP, and Reiki





     Sandi O’Connor Co-Facilitator



Sandi is a flower essence practitioner  and has completed the Center for Plant Studies & Healing Arts Certification program.  Sandi offers her knowledge and guidance in many ways to Rhonda and the Center for Plant Studies, including sharing her insights and words into writing and speaking.  

She also assists in the production and manufacturing of Living Flower Essences products.  

Sandi’ love for flowers, plants, and herbs has inspired her in many ways giving balance to their intuition, wisdom, and healing work with others.  Sandi’s fun loving and trusted spirit along with her abilities to work with people, provides a warm and genuine environment.  Sandi has worked over 30  years in Special Education and lives in Clarkdale,Arizona.



Curt PallasDowney, Life Coach and Consultant





Life is not measured by what we believe. Life is measured by how hard we practice what we believe.

Curt PallasDowney has a background in Religious Studies and Human Services. Since the early seventies, Curt has applied his studies of world religions to his spiritual practice. In the late seventies Curt began leading workshops in nature that empower individuals to live life as a Sacred Experience. Curt is trained in both Eastern and Western mysticism with emphasis on indigenous practice. The source of his teachings, character and strength come from a deep commitment to personal growth through spiritual practice and his dedication to responsible stewardship of earth life.

Curt lives in Cottonwood AZ with his wife, Rhonda.  Together and individually they offer nature experiences and personal work for people of all ages and all walks of life.

Curt PallasDowney  Sedona Earth Wisdom

Email:  Phone: 928-202-0127


Nammu copy


     Nammu PallasDowney



Nammu is a ten year old pure bred mix of Border collie and Australian shepherd. She is a significant family member who has grown up doing journeys on the land, with plants and flowers, and with many people.

From time to time, Nammu assists and participates as needed and desired.  Her gentle, loving, and healing spirit calls to many.


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