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Workshop: Integration of Heart and Mind;  Chakra Balancing, Flower Essences and Plant Energetics

8 CEU’s for Massage Therapists (Sedona Wellness), anyone welcome!

This 8 Hour workshop is uniquely designed to offer the professional massage therapist a hands on approach to the integration of bringing a spectrum of color to massage therapy practice by using chakra balancing techniques and meditations, visualizations, heart, mind, body integration, flower essences, and plant energetics.

This course features an in depth awareness of the heart as an organ and as a preceptor, in addition to the functioning of frontal lobe of the brain and the power of the amygdala.

This class emphasizes the energetics of plants which feature where plants grow and what they look, and includes how to use plant energetics in the form of flower essences that can be used topically, in bath water, or misting.

The importance of this class is for the student to understand plant qualities, doctrine of signatures, relationships with plants, and how plants can help us heal.

 Workshop: Empower Your Intent for the New Year with Plant Wisdom

8 CEU’s for Massage Therapists (Sedona Wellness) , anyone welcome!

 This 8 Hour workshop is uniquely designed to offer the professional massage therapist or persons interested opportunities to empower their own personal intent for the New Year with the support of journeying with 5 plants and connecting with them.

This workshop offers a hands on approach to connect with 5 plants and flower essences, their doctrine of signatures along with their many uses, their energetic imprint with the human body and its chakra system.

In this workshop, the participant will learn and experience how to bring practical application, inner reflection, and personal plant journeys from the wisdom and use of plants, and integrate these plant teachings into their life.  By doing so, participants learn to empower their personal intent, thus supporting others in empowering themselves.

For dates, costs, and additional information, please contact or call 928-639-3614 or go to


     Using the Wisdom of the Herd and Plant Energetics to Activate the Heart and Access the Present

HORSES & FLOWERS 2 WebHorsewater

 Rhonda Pallas Downey, Angelle, Robbie Nelson

Cost: ( includes meals and lodging) please inquire.

This workshop is open to all. Children are welcome and will be facilitated in this journey through arts and crafts, horse experiences (grooming and journey rides) and nature experiences.

Along with the BWR herd comprising of 14 gifted equine facilitators, this workshop is spirited by the accompaniment of Robbie Nelson, an OT, ceremonialist, Epona-approved instructor and Energy Kinesiology practitioner; Cody Lyon, a musician and folk artist with 20 years experience instructing children in outdoor programs, and Rhonda Pallas Downey, herbalist and founder of Living Flower Essences and the Center for Plant Studies & Healing Arts, and author.

We invite you to join us in this one of kind intensive workshop, integrating hands on experiences with the horses and with plant energetics as whole person medicine.

In this intensive, we offer the opportunity to open your awareness to channel energy from the frontal lobe of the brain and to allow yourself to step forward by making conscious choices from your heart.  By awakening to, and listening from your heart, your choices come from a place of love rather than from a place of fear or old programming.

Journey with the spirits of the flowers and horses as our teachers and guides. Through inspiring discussions, drumming, meditations, creative expression and equine facilitated experiences integrated with plant wisdom and flower essences, this workshop will inspire our co-creation with nature, open our hearts, and step forward on our journey’s.


To register, call (970) 677-2939  or email:














Robbie Nelson Co-Facilltator


Co-Founder Robbie Nelson:  
Occupational Therapist, Epona Approved Instructor, Energy Kinesiology Practitioner, Co-founder of the Buffalo Woman Ranch. She has studied homeopathy and herbs as well as Chinese and Tibetan energy medicine; her deep connection with the earth fuels her passion for plant medicine. Robbie is eclectic in her spirituality and integrates ceremony, celtic shamanism and plant medicine in her lifework. She honors “The Way of The Horse” as a grounded and heart centered path towards the evolution of human consciousness. It is her life’s joy to share the path of horse medicine along with teachings with her partner Cody in life at the Buffalo Woman Ranch in Dove Creek Colorado.







Cody Lyon : Ranch Manager and Program Co-Facilitator of the Buffalo Woman Ranch Cody is a talented singer songwriter and artist.  She offers many gifts 0f spirit from her deep connection with the earth, animals, and people. Cody has over 20 years of experience instructing children in outdoor programs.




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